Women have been struggling with the removal of unwanted hair for ages. Today’s society, however, is a lot harsher than it used to be. Even in recent history women were not blamed for not removing their hair, but today’s standards are different. Every woman must be shaved virtually everywhere, so they won’t come off as negligent towards their bodies.

Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric Shaver
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Philips SatinShave Advanced Wet&Dry Shaver
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Wet & dry use with an anti-slip grip
floating foil with pearl-tip trimmers provides a closer
Remington WDF5030A Wet&Dry Women’s Electric Foil Shaver
designed with a unique open blade system
antimicrobial additive helps to avoid the development of bacteria
soft-touch, no-slip grip handle

Choosing the hair removal method, on the other hand, is entirely another story. Not all methods work for all women, and if God forbid you to have a hormone situation, you are pretty much required to tend to this issue almost every day.

As I said, not women are the same. For some, epilators and wax (basically anything that pulls the hair out) work like a charm. But for others, this is not a viable option, mainly because those women have to deal with ingrown hairs. If you have this issue, then you know perfectly what I am talking about. So unless you can afford laser of IPL, a shaver is your best option.

The benefits and drawbacks of a shaver

Women deal with unwanted hair in different ways. They deal with it as they see fit, but usually, a woman will choose the best method that works for her. It’s not necessary to like it. The most common method of removing hair is shaving. It’s no wonder why. There are a lot of benefits, as well as drawbacks, but it seems to work for the majority of women.


  • Shaving is the easy way out – when you are in a rush, shaving is the fastest way to get rid of unwanted hair. It just takes a couple of minutes, depending on whether you need to exfoliate first or not.Often women do this in the shower, or when they take a bath, so they shoot one two birds with one stone. It’s very convenient and is the fastest way to be all shiny and smooth.
  • The skin left behind is very smooth – when you use wax or an electrical epilator, some of the hair is left behind. Nothing noticeable, but when you cross your hands over the freshly waxed or epilated skin, you can still feel some hairs. That may be enough for some women, but for others, it’s not. That is why they choose a shaver over the other two methods I mentioned.
  • It’s less likely to deal with ingrown hairs – when you simply cut the hair at the skin level, that hair will grow back on the outside of the skin. However, when you pull the hair out, and the skin is not properly hydrated, or the hair is very thin, chances are that it will grow in another direction than the one it’s supposed to. Ingrown hairs can cause a lot of trouble. In most severe cases it can get infected, a condition that is called folliculitis. That means hiding your legs most of the times. Getting the hair out of the skin is a painful procedure, which is why women who deal with this condition choose to shave.
  • There is no pain involved – this might as wellbe the main reason women choose shaving. Waxing and epilation can cause a lot of pain and irritation, whereas shaving does not result in any Except, of course, in those cases when you are not paying attention, and you cut yourself. But even then, the pain is not as bad.


All hair removal comes with drawbacks as well as benefits. There is no perfect way to get rid of the unwanted bodily hair. Except for the laser or IPL, but even these can cause rashes to some women.

  • Some women get severeirritations – this is not valid in most cases, but some women can get rashes from shaving. Especially if they use the wrong moisturizers or go to the pool right after shaving. It can get itchy and stingy if you are not careful.
  • The hair grows right back – no other methods will allow hair re-growth as fast as shaving does. In some cases, hair grows back the next day. Women who suffer from hirsutism know what I am talking about.

How to choose the best shaver

We have come a long way since women used very sharp knives to shave. We have all sorts of razors that will do the job perfectly. There are two-blade, three-blade, and four-blade razors. We even have electric shavers. The point is that you have where to choose from. Here is what you need to consider when you are looking for the best shaver.

  • Electric or non-electric – technology advanced in this fields as well. From my standpoint, electric shavers are superior to their non-electric counterparts. Yes, it requires a power source, but they come with a cord or cordless. It’s not like you are pinpointed to a single spot. Also, they proved to be a lot more efficient than disposable razors.
  • The number of blades – this is entirely up to you. There is no rule to establish that a certain number of blades is ideal. Sure, the more blades a razor have, the smoother your skin will be. However, not all women’s skin can stand so much “trauma.”
  • Gel or no gel – some razors have gel lines attached to make the shaving a more smooth process. That will make sure that no matter what you use (shaving gel, foam or simple soap), your skin will not get irritated. It may seem silly, but that is a real issue. Some women live under the impression that bare skin can be subjected to shaving without a gel or foam.
  • Disposable razors or disposable heads – the cheapest razors are the disposable ones. But that is just at the moment. In the long run, if you do the math, you’ll see that they are more expensive than the razors with the disposable head.
  • Does the head pivots? – That is an excellent question. Without a head that swivels, you cannot access those hard-to-reach places.

What are the best women’s shavers?

I just want to start by saying that I don’t care for regular razors. I like to believe that even shaving evolved, which is why my favorite shavers are the electric ones. They are easy to use, they come withbatteries, or are rechargeable, and last, but not least, they do a fantastic job at leaving the skin smooth and hair-free.

The offer is huge. There are hundreds of models to choose from. Every big manufacturer must have at least one or two models. The choice is not hard as long as you know what you want and what you expect a particular product to offer. But in any case, here are a few examples that do an amazing job at removing unwanted hair.

Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric Shaver

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If you get from the conventional razor to this one, you may think that there is nothing in this world that does a better job. It cuts the hair as if it’s nothing, and the skin left behind is smooth and hair free. That is because Panasonic uses three independently floating heads that simply glide along the contours of the skin. You can use it on your legs, armpits, and other body areas. If you feel comfortable with it, you can even shave the bikini line. You don’t need to worry that you’ll hurt yourself or anything. For long hairs, you can use the pop-up trimmer.

You can use it both dry and wet. You can even use it while showering becauseit’s waterproof. You can apply gel or foam, depending on your skin type. But it should work with or without. The blades are extremely sharp, but they cannot hurt you in any way. You can cross your fingers on them all you want. The hypo-allergenic inner lady shaver reduces irritation. That is a very helpful feature for women who have sensitive skin and need that extra comfort.

Cleaning it is very easy as well. Just put in under the running faucet and you are done with it. The Panasonic is very easy to use and convenient to store. But what you’ll like even more is that you don’t need batteries. You get an adapter, and you can just plug it into the outlet to recharge when you’re done. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Philips SatinShave Advanced Wet&Dry Shaver

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I always loved Philips products. Not one of the items I had (and still have) from this manufacturer broke. I dropped an epilator in the bathtub once, but it wasn’t waterproof, so you can’t say that it’s the manufacturer’s fault. Anyway, let’s talk about the Philips shaver, shall we?

If you let the shaver to charge for 8 hours, you get 1 full hour of use. The lithium-ion battery does an efficient job. It is cordless, so you can’t use it while charging. You can use it on both dry and wet skin. If you decide to use it in the shower, there is an anti-slip grip that won’t let you drop it. It doesn’t matter if you use gel, foam, or nothing at all. The Philips SatinShave will do a fantastic job either way.

The floating foil with pearl-tip trimmers allow a close, even shave, and it will protect you from irritation. Your skin will be smooth and will have that shine you like. The accessories include a trimming comb, a soft glide cap and efficiency cap for gentle shaving in delicate areas. You will also receive a travel pouch for safe and hygienic portability. The battery indicator will always let you know the battery level, so you are not left without power in the middle of shaving. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Remington WDF5030A Wet&Dry Women’s Electric Foil Shaver

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Remington is another reputable manufacturer that is dedicated to satisfying women all over the world by producing high-quality personal-care products. It has gained quite the popularity in the last decade, mostly because its products are top of the line.

This shaver has a unique open blade system. By that I mean no matter how you hold the shaver, the head angle stays flush to the skin. That ensures a close shave with smooth results. The shaver is rechargeable, no batteries needed, and you can use it on different areas of your body, wet or dry. The blade is dual-sided, which will lift long hairs, and makes shaving easy and fast.

The product is 100% waterproof, and you don’t need a shaving foam or gel to get the perfect results. Your skin will be silky smooth no matter how you choose to shave. An anti-bacterial additive will make sure that bacteria cannot develop anywhere near the blades, which means there is no chance of gettinga bad rash. The almond oil strip will help too.

The handle is soft to the touch and has a non-slip feature. Overall, the product is easy to use. The box contains the charging stand, the shaver, the bikini comb/head guard, and a beauty bag for easy storage and travel. If you do decide to purchase the Remington shaver, you will be very satisfied with it. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

My recommendation

Personally, I used Philips SatinShave Advanced Wet&Dry Shaver, and let me just tell you that it doesn’t even begin to compare with a conventional razor. Not only that the entire process is a lot faster, but the results will let you in awe. That is why I believe that the Philips shaver is one of the best women’s shavers on the market. It is worth every penny. Not that is very expensive.


I like to believe that in 10 years products such as these won’t exist anymore. I am still waiting for that pill which can stop hair from ever growing back on your hands and legs. But until then, us women must handle the situation with what we have. It’s not like we don’t have options. An electric shaver is one of the best. Click here to buy on Amazon

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